Decision Aids and Economic Tools

Online Tools

2018 Farmbill Decision Aid

Analyze payment yield updates and expected payments for 2019 and 2020.


Analyze cash grain prices.

Offline Tools

Marketing Year Average Prices for Grains

Tools for estimating marketing year average price for major year covered commodities. Allows users to enter expectation of prices for remaining months to examine changes in expected prices.

FLIPSIM: Farm Level Income and Policy Simulation Model

Simulates the annual economic activities of a representative or actual farm over a multiple year planning horizon.

Financial And Risk Management Assistance

FARM Assistance analysis compares and contrasts the expected outcomes of different strategic actions for a farm or ranch.


FARMSIM is a simulation model used for projecting the probable economic and nutritional impacts of alternative technologies, farming systems, livestock management programs, marketing arrangements, crop mixes, risk management schemes, and environmental remediation programs on a representative crop/livestock farm.

Historical Tools

  • 2018 Seed Cotton

    Understand how the new seed cotton program may affect your FSA payments.

  • NAAFP / USDA Decision Aid

    Yield Update, Base Reallocation, PLC/ARC, 2015 Insurance, Yield Exclusion

  • 2017 Farm Decision Aid

    Risk/Reward insurance analysis, updated for 2017, including integrated yield exclusion for covered crops.

  • Aflatoxin

    Calculate risk on aflatoxin treatment.

  • MPP Dairy Decision Aid

    Margin Protection Program (MPP) based on bi-monthly U.S. prices for milk, corn, soybean meal and alfalfa.

  • TOPMargin: Dairy Margin Protection Program Spreadsheet Analysis Tool

    Analyzes Dairy MPP options. Available from the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics , University of Missouri

  • ACRE Decision Aid

    Provided to assist farm operators and landlords in analyzing the ACRE vs. DCP decision under the 2008 farm bill.

  • 2002 Base and Yield Update Option Analyzer

    A decision support tool for analyzing the economic consequences of the Base Acre and Payment Yield update options in the 2002 farm bill.

  • 2002 Farm Bill Program Analysis

    Developed to illustrate the 2002 farm program provisions and how they react to market prices. The spreadsheet allows you to adjust the commodity price and view the resulting impact on payment rates and receipts. Planted acres and actual yield are also adjustable illustrating the difference in coupled and decoupled program payments.